maiki, thanks for starting the discussion! Checking in with this list was the 
next thing on our list, so you're already making a great contribution :)

I've shared my thoughts about the two groups on the Wiki BUG talk page. Would 
love to see more reflections there:
(and please do take a look at the main page, linked in maiki's post below, to 
get a feel for what we are about!)

Looking forward to some thoughts and feedback.


p.s. I love the plural "wikae"!

On Jan 28, 2013, at 12:56 AM, maiki wrote:

> Hey folks, I wanted to draw your attention to a discussion that Pete
> started, concerning Wiki BUG (
> It is a user group that focuses on less technical issues, and would
> cover the region that BART runs to.
> I think it is a great idea, and covers more things than have been stated
> in the SF group's page. Quim has done a great job, nearly
> single-handedly as far as I can tell, to get this group together. I
> don't want to see that effort put to waste, so I think it should be
> under consideration for merging the two groups together, covering more
> than either would alone.
> I love the idea of folks working in communities, and getting more people
> using wikae to document their communities. I also like the support and
> technology that comes out of the WMF. If there is enough overlap, then
> it makes sense to work together. The only way for us to know if there is
> an overlap is for members to say what they are interested in, and what
> they think we should do. So please pipe up in that thread! ^_^
> maiki
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