I would be quite interested in participating, but I am not at all fluent in 
German. My work with the German WP was working in submitting images to the 
Bilderwerkstatt and in some work on the German pressure gauge article -  my 
Google translation was not initially well received, but ultimately successful 
(I should have posted it on the talk page rather than into the article, 
subsquent editors did correct it to an acceptable level._

I would be particularly interested in assisting in  any German translation of 
an article that I for the English WP (Eastern span replacement of the San 
Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge).

Alternatively (or in addition) I would enjoy assisting in helping newbies with 
wiki markup, but this would necessarily be in the English language, given my 
limited language capabilities.

If you think that my participation is not suitable for this workshop feel free 
to so state, you won't hurt my feelings. Otherwise, I will make it a point to 
show up, as I am interested in connecting with German speakers, as I may in the 
future be working on extending my language capabilities.

Thank you, and best wishes,


 From: HaeB <>
To: San Francisco Bay Area Wikimedians <> 
Sent: Friday, February 1, 2013 12:36 AM
Subject: [Wikimedia-SF] German Wikipedia mini edit-a-thon in San Francisco this 
Hi all,

a handful of German Wikipedia editors from the Bay Area are going to
meet this Saturday, February 2, from 9am until about 12am in the WMF
offices at 149 New Montgomery Street in SF, to join a kind of
multi-city edit-a-thon held on the German Wikipedia on that day:
(Basically, that event was recently conceived as a collaborative
effort to help other editors in all kinds of wiki tasks, with only two
rules: 1) No work on one's "own" articles 2) Relax and be nice ;) ,
and those who initiated it named it somewhat whimsically after the
Three Musketeers - "all for one, one for all".)

It's envisaged to be a small group in SF (we have four and a half
confirmed participants so far, plus other German Wikipedians living in
the US joining remotely per Google Hangout), but anyone editing the
German Wikipedia - or interested in doing do - is welcome to come by.
Email me offlist for details.

Regards, HaeB (Tilman)

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