Hi Pete:

My time is limited right now. Can I just pick an item off of the queue and work 
on it, or am I to be assigned a task load?


- Leonard.  (WP User "Leonard_G.")

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Subject: [Wikimedia-SF] Join the Wikipedia volunteer response team

Hi all,

This email list is full of knowledgeable, helpful Wikipedians/Wikimedians. 
Would you like to join the volunteer team that responds to incoming email 
requests about Wikipedia articles, etc.? For instance, the subjects of articles 
reporting factual errors or defamation, or submitting photos of themselves. 
It's important and rewarding work. If this sounds interesting, see below!


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>Subject: [Wikipedia-l] Call for OTRS volunteers
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>The Wikimedia OTRS team[1] is receiving an increasing number of
>emails, with almost 55,000 general information and permissions tickets
>responded to in 2012 alone.[2] We are greatly in need of more
>volunteers to catch up and help prevent continued backlog. OTRS
>volunteers have the benefit of
 choosing how much time they'd like to
>commit and share a wide variety of tools to help when responding to
>inquires. Your private information would not be exposed to the public;
>replies are issued from a shared Wikimedia email address.
>We are looking especially for people who are strong in any or all of
>the following areas:
>* Familiar with processes on any Wikimedia project and able to answer
>routine questions about them (some common responses include reference
>desk referrals; explanations of deletion processes or how to edit. The
>kind of thing you might run into at the Teahouse or Help desks);
>* Familiar with acceptable licenses for images and text and willing to
>handle correspondence related to permissions (many routine, but some
>issues include unclear statements of permission or permissions issued
>by people who can't be clearly connected to the source);
>* Familiar with policies regarding living
 people and organizations and
>able to assist article subjects with lightweight needs (updating
>logos, correcting small information) or serious concerns (allegations
>of gross inaccuracy; bias).
>For more information about volunteering, please see the recruiting
>page[3] on Meta.  Being a member of the OTRS team is a great chance to
>be part of the public face of Wikimedia. We can't always help people,
>but we do our best to leave them impressed with our professionalism
>and responsiveness. If this sounds like something you'd be interested
>in, we encourage you to consider applying[4].
>While the English queues are the busiest, the info queues for all
>languages could use help, and we are always looking for new
>volunteers. Please translate this message and pass the word along to
>those in your local communities who may wish to apply.
>We look forward to seeing your applications on Meta-Wiki. If you
>any questions, please feel free to contact myself or any other
>administrator of the system.[5]
>For the OTRS admins,
>Casey Brown
>Casey Brown (Cbrown1023)
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