Message to MediaWiki technical users and anybody willing to learn about Bugzilla and bug triaging while helping the Wikimedia mission.

This is from 7am to 1pm PST but help is welcome before/after that as well. Don't worry, there are bug reports for every body. ;)

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Subject: [Wikitech-l] Next bugday: Mar 07, 15:00-21:00UTC on General MediaWiki bugs
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 15:36:40 +0100
From: Andre Klapper <>
Reply-To: Wikimedia developers <>
To: Wikimedia developers <>

Hi everybody,

Please join us on the next Wikimedia Bugday:

    Thursday, March 07th, 15:00-21:00 UTC [1]
       in #wikimedia-dev on Freenode IRC [2]

We are going to take a look at a subset [3] of MediaWiki bug reports
filed under "General/Unknown", trying to reproduce some plus provide
feedback. Currently these are about 90 tickets (see [4] for a list).

Everyone is welcome to join, and no technical knowledge needed! It's a
nice and easy way to get involved in the community or to give something
Join IRC, say hello and that you're here for the bugday, and have fun.

This information and more can be found here:

For more information on Triaging in general, check out

We look forward to seeing you!


[1] Timezone converter:
[2] See for more info on IRC chat
[3] with priority and severity set to normal or higher

Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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