Hi all -

I'll be hosting an editathon at Hoyt Hall, one of the all-women houses
of the Berkeley Student Cooperative on April 6th from about 3-6pm.  We
have a Facebook event up for it currently:
and I'll be getting up all of the other normal editathon
infrastructure within the next few days.

I had initially expected it to be a fairly small event of maybe 15-20
people, but it's looking like it's going to be significantly more
sizable than that.  The Facebook event currently has sixty something
RSVP's, and we have not yet advertised the event through most of the
channels that we're going to be advertising it through - it could
easily end up being a 80-90 person thing.  Most of these people will
never have edited Wikipedia before, and many of them are going to be
quite excited about it.

If you are an experienced bay area Wikipedian willing to come out to
the event and help newbies, please drop me a line off list.  It would
be greatly appreciated :)

Kevin Gorman

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