Do you know a team or an organization in the Bay Area that would like to collaborate with Wikimedia in a joint tech activity? Say a 3 hour workshop in our / their location.

We want to engage with established tech friendly groups to work together in joint activities like e.g. testing this new feature, write automated tests for that old feature, improve this tutorial...

Most of these activities can be also performed by non-developers and actually by pure tech-curious novices. Think of Wikipedia meetups, college students of any kind, tech clubs, social or cultural organizations...

I'm personally motivated in exploring beyond the usual and very busy suspects (e.g. tech meetups, although we want to tap those too). For instance, what about those having a harder time because of their abilities, age, gender, language, or cultural, ethnic, or economic background.

It's just a lot easier for us to find the critical mass and organize a successful activity when we can start from a motivated group, instead of having to recruit volunteers one by one. And a first contact with a group is a lot easier when it comes with a first introduction from someone they know.

Thank you!

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator @ Wikimedia Foundation

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