Biophysical Society members work on a WikiProject Biophysics, run a
wiki-edit contest yearly, and have a wiki-oriented session at the annual
meeting (~7000 total attendees, 1/3 international).  This year the meeting
is in SF Feb 15-19.  The wiki session is on Sun Feb 16 2:15-3:30pm.  The
theme of both the session and this year's contest is open-license media and
their importance for science.  The chair is Jane Richardson, past president
of the society, WikiProject Biophysics and User:Dcrjsr, and the guest
speaker is Daniel Mietchen from the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin,
WikiProject Open Access and User:Daniel Mietchen.  The editing focus will
be uploading images to Commons from David Goodsell's "Molecule of the
Month" features (, just last
week given CC-BY-3.0 license.
If you're a student wiki-editor in the Bay area with an interest in
science, you might like to attend the wiki session and the meeting in
general.  For a student, the cost would be $25 for BPS membership and $80
on-site registration for the entire meeting.  On Sunday there's the New &
Notable session and a symposium honoring the International Year of
Crystallography, and on Monday there's the Awards session and the National
Lecture.  You'd also be very welcome to chat with last year's contest
winners (one from SF) and others at a Sun dinner.  Find the BPS meeting
info & program at

Jane Richardson, Duke University and frequent SF visitor
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