Some people like to sit in cafes while they work "alone", others prefer to be alone at home. Same with editing. Some people like to do it in company, others not.

Speaking of editing in company, I would love to find an informal but pleasing venue where people can stop in, have a beer, and join others who are editing, without having to organize something more formal. Although I find value in holding editing sessions in the local libraries, it can be hard to book the rooms, and once there the environment is a bit sterile. I'm in Berkeley and there are some cafes that have wifi, coffee, beer, and food. Is anyone else interested in a kind of "Wednesday nights at xx" or something like that?

(obviously someone who likes to edit in company)

On 6/23/14, 8:18 AM, Wjhonson wrote:
I don't really understand the point of going to Editathons
I can sit at home and edit.
Maybe someone needs to post pictures and reviews and so on to encourage
how fun it is, or whatever it is....
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this is the lamest mailing list I ever subscribed to and probably the
wikimedian meetup group with the highest moment of inertia compared to
its size (I know physics is not on my side here, but thats OK it never
really is) I have been part of.
Don't get me wrong I know that anyone I met so far in this Community
does some amazing and impressive projects inside and outside of the
wikimedia universe. And I realize that the fourth dimension is the most
limited and that hanging out with other people at Edithatons has to be
weighted against this other projects. But there is also statistics if it
would take the amount of Editors from more than 7 million Inhabitants to
make a event every other month nothing would ever take place in Germany.
For instance Stephen LaPorte proposed a meetup next saturday a
Edithathon at the Foundation (Stephen is that dead already?) and no one
even looked at the Page.  The Wicnik is 2 weeks away and there is some
interest but neither place nor food wich are at least in my opinion some
important part of an Picknick.
OK enough Rant back to you Silence.

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