Hi SF Wikimedians,

I think we are getting near to the formal formation of Cascadia
Wikimedians. There have been occasional questions about whether SF is
forming its own user group or would like to be included in Cascadia. If you
want to form your own group or want to remain unaffiliated, that is a
decision that we will respect. If you would like to be included in Cascadia
please let us know. We are currently proceeding with Oregon, Washington,
and British Columbia.

>From my point of view, SF is culturally similar to the three planned
Cascadia territories and there would be an economy of scale in including SF
in Cascadia.The downsides of including SF are geographic stretch and the
complicated California regulatory environment. My feeling is that SF would
do better as its own user group, but we are happy to collaborate with you
or talk about including you in our membership if you are interested in
affiliating with Cascadia.

Regards from your northern neighbor,

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