Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone here would be interested in helping me to 
improve Wikipedia's coverage on cheese.

Cheese? Yes. Background is that the French chapter recently started a project 
called "WikiCheese".[1] Wikipedia's coverage of food-related topics is patchy 
and articles about cheese are not an exception. So, French community members 
started WikiCheese, which aims at systematically filling content gaps.[2]

Now, Northern California has an incredibly rich and interesting artisan 
cheesemaker scene.[3] Cowgirl Creamery (Point Reyes Station), Epicurean 
Connection (Sonoma), Vella Cheese Company (Sonoma)… just to name a few.

Last weekend, I went on a tour and started photographing a couple of cheeses as 
well as cheese production at Cowgirl Creamery:


I'm wondering whether any of you on this list would like to join me on my next 
excursion (date and time tbd.) You

* don't need to be a cheese expert (I'm not)
* don't need a fancy camera (actually, text contributions would be highly 
welcome as well)
* don't necessarily need to own a car (I do)

All you need is some time and enthusiasm :-)

I haven't yet started a project page on Wikipedia – so in case you're 
interested, please send a reply to this list. Once a few people show their 
interest, we'll plan the next steps.



[2] Some image results: 
[3] http://cheesetrail.org <http://cheesetrail.org/>
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