Hi, all,

I've been working with folks in the UC Berkeley Libraries (specifically the 
Bancroft Library) trying to get them to think about hosting an editathon. We 
thought we might do something for Women's History Month, but there's already 
quite a bit scheduled both on March 7th and March 8th.

We were thinking about doing something on Thursday March 19th from 4-7 - so 
this would be a little different in that it's a weeknight, and also East Bay 
based, as well as being hosted by a library (and an awesome special collections 
library, at that. Part of doing this on a weeknight is to get some of the 
library staff to come - they are unlikely to show up on a weekend, but I 
recognize that you all may not want to show up at the end of a work day or on a 
week night! I'm just testing the waters here to see people think this is a 
great idea, of if we'd be better pushing it into April. Would you come? Help? 
Thanks for your feedback!


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