I have confirmation that we have a room at the Wikimedia Foundation this
Wednedsay evening at 6:00pm. The office is at 149 New Montgomery Street.
I'm not sure how late the front desk is open, so in case the security guard
leaves at 6:00, you might want to arrive a few minutes early; or if you
can't get in, feel free to text or call me at 503-383-9454.

George: Any way I can assist in getting to the office? I don't have a car,
but if a walking companion would make it easier I'd be happy to meet you
ahead of time.

J: No strong idea about scope or length of time; we just want to chat about
the idea of having a recurring monthly get-together, brainstorm ideas, and
hang out. Probably an hour or two.

Merrilee, Asaf, Neil: Glad to know you're interested! We'll definitely
report back to the list. I'm pretty sure we will be planning the first
meeting for a Wednesday in late April; if there are strong preferences,
please make them known!


On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 8:22 AM, Neil Planchon (2.Oakland) <> wrote:

> Hello everyone and Pete!
> I love the wikisalon idea.  I want to participate, contribute, build
> community and learn/relearn editing skills.  Once set up, I will also
> promote to my many communities and lists.
> I would like to offer Swan's Market Cohousing (,
> a community I am a founding resident of as a possible Wednesday East Bay
> location. Not necessarily every month though. Meets all the other
> requirements :)  I also have access to all the Port Workspaces -
> - in case that might be of interest.  Money
> might be needed with them though, not sure.
> I cannot make the 3/30 planning meeting. Please keep me posted!
> Thanks again
> Neil
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> Cordially,
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