I'm doubly sorry to hear this.

I haven't been involved much with Wikipedia lately, and I had missed the news of Kevin's passing. I was always impressed with his dedication; what a loss for the Wikipedia community. For those who also hadn't heard, here's his memorial page:


And here's the memorial fund:


And Karen, I'm very sorry to hear of your abuse. Part of the reason I gave up spending time on Wikipedia was that the community had a tolerance for abusive, dickish behavior well beyond what I thought was wise or even excusable. I had hoped it might be getting better, but that's clearly not the case.


On 08/17/2016 10:12 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
I am removing myself from all Wikipedia mailing lists and activities - with the ironic exception of attending Kevin Gorman's memorial this Sunday. The reason is that I have been gamer-gated, first on Wikipedia but then they also destroyed my Twitter account. I cannot support or engage with an organization that allows women to be harassed because they are women.

Kevin was one of the great advocates for women on Wikipedia. He tried, and he also put up with a lot of crap himself in doing so. Perhaps one day it will be a safe place for us. Meanwhile I have lost a community I cared about, as well as other social media that I found sustaining. I am not the first, nor will I be that last. An organization that allows this to happen cannot have my support.

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