Hello all,

Happy Wiki Loves Monuments month!

You may have already heard the exciting news that the US is participating
in WLM this year, for the first time in 3 years!

The US campaign is organized around NRHP sites and National Monuments, with
sub-campaigns for individual states, which include state and other local
monuments, and are organized as state guides on Commons under the main US
WLM campaign.

I have started putting together a guide for California: https://commons.

We have many NRHP sites here in the Bay Area, as well as a number of SF
designated landmarks and monuments. And we also have a rich and fascinating
history in the Bay Area and CA overall involving the use of photography for
protection of our cultural heritage and natural wonders [1]. So I am
proposing that in addition to participating in the photo contest we also
work to improve Wikipedia's coverage of the monuments we have here and the
history of photography in documenting/protecting them.

Want to help/participate? Here are some possible ways:

   - Go photograph some monuments in the Bay area and upload them via the
   appropriate WLM upload wizard before the end of the month!
   - Look through your photo archive and see if you have previously
   photographed any monuments here in CA, or in other states (or participating
   countries, for that matter), that you would like to submit/upload
   - Improve/add to the CA WLM guide
   - Create a guide for a US state that does not have one yet
   - Help promote WLM US and/or WLM US/CA within your social networks
   - Let me know if you are interested in co-organizing, or attending, an
   edit-a-thon/upload event this month where we can upload photos together and
   also improve Wikipedia's coverage of the monuments in our fine state and
   their relationship with photography
      - We could also include a photo walk outing in this hypothetical
      event where we go on a walk together to photograph our local monuments!
   - And any other ideas you may have!

Please let me know if you are interested in helping to organize anything,
or if you have any questions, or have any other ideas/pointers regarding
WLM (this is my first time even participating in it).

And stay tuned for updates regarding a Bay Area WLM-related event that will
hopefully materialize this month!


[1] For example, Ansel Adams and the influence of his photographs of Kings
Canyon, CA in having the site designated as a National Park (as well as
other parks: http://www.pbs.org/nationalparks/people/artists/#adams;

Of course, one could argue that a national (or state) park is not a
monument (which is a discussion worth having this month), but the notion of
photographs influencing legislation that designates a site as culturally
and socially significant enough to warrant protection is certainly relevant
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