I just heard about this cool edit-a-thon tomorrow (Sunday March 12) from
1-4 pm at The Lab:
http://www.thelab.org/projects/2017/3/12/wikipedia-edit-a-thon - "a DIY
campaign to improve archives on marginalized populations and address
information gaps in our collective knowledge". The space is close to 16th
St BART station: http://www.thelab.org/info/

More about that space: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lab_(organization)
- and the wonderful historic building that it's in:

Then on Saturday March 25 from 1-5 pm, SF Art Institute is hosting an Art +
Feminism edit-a-thon:
- I think many of you have already heard about it, but sharing just in
case. I'm really looking forward to it and hoping to see lots of new and
experienced editors there!

Niki and I have been working on a detailed list of suggested articles to
improve for that one:
- which may be inspiring even if you can't attend in person. :)

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