Hi, everybody.

Please stay where you are for an unSalon!

We are taking July off!

Please gather your thoughts for changes that you would like to see in the
next 10 months and present them at our July 26 WikiSalon.

Ordinarily, the last Wednesday evening of every month, wiki enthusiasts
gather at the Bay Area WikiSalon series to collaborate, mingle, and learn
about new projects and ideas.

We normally allow time for informal conversation and working on articles.
Newcomers and experienced wiki users are encouraged to attend.

Mark your calendars now for Wednesday, July 26 at 6 p.m.! The venue will be
the Noisebridge hackerspace/makerspace on Mission Street in San Francisco.

Sincerely, {{u|Ben Creasy}} and {{u|Checkingfax|Wayne Calhoon}}
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