I can take signups via email or I can create something on Meta for Wikitypes 
who like to organize that way? Preferences?

Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Program Officer
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Sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

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Hi everyone! I’ve volunteered to help coordinate an information and editing 
event at the Monterey Public Library in beautiful Monterey California in 
conjunction with the Internet Librarian conference. This is a free event. The 
space will accommodate up to 75 people and we already have 20 people signed up. 
If you are interested in helping out please let me know. Depending on numbers 
it would be great to have 10 people with Wiki experience. I think it will be 
fun, and what a beautiful location.

Saturday, Oct 22nd
10am-1pm followed by a tour of the Monterey Public Library
Wikipedia: Tips, Techniques & Engagement
Merrilee Proffitt, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research, Knight Foundation 
Grant Recipient
Join this free workshop hosted by the Monterey Public Library as well as 
experts from Wikipedia and a Knight Foundation Grant Recipient.
Have you ever wondered about how Wikipedia really works?  This behind the 
scenes look at the world’s largest encyclopedia provides the big picture view 
as well as tips and techniques for using it in ways you had not considered.  In 
addition learn how to edit and contribute to this resources and learn how to 
encourage your patrons to contribute too!  Bring your laptop, your questions 
and your can-do spirit!


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