Kolega z WMF navštívil detský WikiCamp v Arménsku a veľmi ho nadchol
entuziazmus tých deciek. Chcel by im (z osobnej iniciatívy, nie ako človek
z WMF) teda poslať malý darček - kompiláciu pozdravov od Wikimediánov z
rôznych krajín v ich vlastnom jazyku? Kto by mal záujem nahrať seba ako
hovorí "Pozdravujem z komunity slovenskej Wikipédie Arménsky WikiCamp"
(alebo preformulované) nech tak spraví a pošle video Asafovi do 7 dní (nech
ho stihne zostrihať a poslať deťom).

Majte sa!

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Date: 2015-06-25 17:17 GMT+02:00
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Hello, all.

I have been visiting Armenia the last few days, and have attended a few
days of Wikimedia Armenia's "Wikicamp" program (not to be confused with the
Macedonian meeting of the same name).  This is an actual summer camp for
kids (ages 9-20) combining intensive wiki training and contribution

I am quite impressed with the Armenian youth here -- their level of
enthusiasm, motivation, and joy in the wiki.

==my request==
I am inspired to make a little gift for the wikicampers, and the idea I've
had is to make them a short video collage of brief greetings from
Wikipedians from around the world, each in their own language.

If you (or someone from your community) is willing to *record a quick video*
(no need for professional quality; something quick on your phone is fine
:)) with the message: *"Greetings from the <your language> Wikipedia
community to the Armenian Wikicamp"*  (in your language, but leaving
WIKICAMP in English), and to *send me the video* (or upload somewhere; I'm
not sure it's justified to take up space on Commons for this :)) *within
the coming 7 days* (so that they get it while they're still in Wikicamp),
that would be great.

If you don't like the idea or can't find the time, no worries. :)

needless to say, I am making this request in a personal capacity and just
for fun.  This isn't a request on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation.


    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation <http://www.wikimediafoundation.org>

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