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From: Isabella Apriyana <isabella.apriy...@wikimedia.or.id>
Date: 17 August 2015 at 14:18
Subject: ESEA's Wikimedia Chapters and Usergroups Newsletter

Hello all,

My name is Isabella Apriyana from Wikimedia Indonesia. I believe there
had been a conversation going on between several wikimedians in
Wikimedia Conference this year about having a newsletter to chronicle
activities of Wikimedia Chapters and Usergroups in ESEA region*. I
would like to follow up on that and seek participation from all of

The newsletter is expected to be three-monthly, but we'll see how it's
going and decide from there. If you are wondering, this newsletter is
intended to document whatever Wikimedia-related projects happening in
ESEA region. It could be a really good platform for learning from each
other as well.

If you are interested to participate, please kindly send me by August 27, 2015:
- narrative (max 200 words) about any activities or project your
chapter or usergroup is currently doing or plan to do in near future,
or any wikimedia movement -related stories you want to be featured. We
accept writings in English and  Chinese Mandarin (to be translated
later to English).
- images/photographs/illustrations (high res, minimum 1920x1200) along
with its caption, because people say a picture is worth a thousand

Or if you are confused or have no idea about what to write, fear not.
Kindly notify me and I'll be glad to set up an interview instead,
whether it's by email or whatsapp or facebook message.

Also, please kindly forward this email to anyone you think would be
the right person to take part, whether it's within your organisation
or anyone from other countries in ESEA region who hasn't been included

Thank you and I look forward to receiving your stories!


*ESEA is East and South East Asia, just like the one with the planned
conference from last year

Isabella Apriyana
Sekretaris Jendral (Secretary General)
Wikimedia Indonesia
Seluler +6281213700084
Surel isabella.apriy...@wikimedia.or.id

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