Dear colleagues,

I have discussed with Zafer in Berlin the possibility of offering the
Turkish community to partner with WMF toward building the Turkish
community's capacity in one or more areas.

Six of the capacities identified so far are described here:

And there are other capacities we could discuss and plan for.

I am also happy to explain the program in some more detail over a video
call (Hangout or Skype).  I am flexible and available, and on GMT+3 time
zone, until the end of the month.  Let me know when would be good to talk.

In general, I would like to have a training event (probably over a whole
weekend) some time before the end of June.

While it would probably take some time to organize, I did want to tell you
about a very short-term opportunity: I am in the middle east right now, and
could come to Turkey to do training *next weekend* (April 22-23), if that's
at all possible.  I am guessing it is far too short a notice, but I figured
it's worth mentioning, just in case it would happen to be convenient and
preparations could be done in time.  If you think it might, do let me know
in the coming day or two, so I can book a flight.

Assuming we need more time to organize, we can discuss it in the coming


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