On 26 October 2012 10:39, Gaurav Vaidya <gau...@ggvaidya.com> wrote:
> Wikipedia Loves Libraries will be at Norlin Library, CU Boulder, this
> Thursday! The focus is going to be mainly on primary resources, but
> come on down to meet with other local Wikipedians! It'll be on
> Thursday, November 1, at 4pm.
> I'm going to be doing a presentation on "your first edit" on
> Wikipedia, covering the absolute basics of using the Sandbox, the edit
> page, previewing your changes before committing and taking part in
> conversations on Wikipedia. Lisa suggested that this might be more
> interesting if multiple editors presented this -- giving multiple
> perspectives and giving us a chance to show off our diversity. Any
> volunteers? Let me know!
> All details here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Boulder/November_2012
Also: I've put in a request for a Geonotice, but I've never done that
before, so I'd really appreciate feedback on what works and what
doesn't! You can edit the request here:

In particular, I've asked for a geonotice for the entire front range
(North/South from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs). Is that a good
idea? Or would something more rectangular around Boulder be better?
Please let me know, or update the request yourself!


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