Id love to come meet... well, all of the folks, really, but Im afraid from where I am busing in just wouldnt be feasible, unless someone in the Lafayette area would be able to give me a ride or something.

Hope you all who can make it have fun, at any rate, and greet the others with awesome for the rest of us.

On 27/11/2012 00:15, Matthew Bowker wrote:
OK, I'm reviving this dead thread… but they're rolling in this weekend.

So, it sounds like the plan is too meet the train (18:38 local time… in 
Denver), then take the group out to dinner afterwards.

Could I please get a rough head count (I'll be posting on Wikipedia too … ) of 
how many people are going to be there?  Carpooling is possible, but we need to 
co-ordinate that soon.  Also, if you have any ideas for a relatively 
inexpensive place that isn't too far from the train station, please mention it.

Sorry about the late notice, it's my fault.  I should have been thinking ahead.

Matthew Bowker

On Oct 29, 2012, at 11:33 AM, Gaurav Vaidya <> wrote:


On 29 Oct, 2012, at 1:08 AM, Matthew Bowker <> wrote:
So, I've been in contact with [[User:LauraHale]] , and she's coordinating 
efforts for a few Wikimedia Australia people to come to Colorado to take 
pictures and write articles about a Paralympic ski event that's happening in 
Vail this December.  ( )

I was thinking about it, and how cool would it be if we met them at the train 
station and welcomed them to the US?
That sounds like a great plan! I should be able to make it, but this semester 
has been crazy busy, so I won't be able to confirm for sure until a week 
before. I love Lisa's idea of taking them out to dinner afterwards!

Their train arrives on December 1, at 18:38 (local time, I'm assuming).  A 
small group of Colorado Wikimedians would go a long way in making them feel 
Yup, the California Zephyr arrives at Denver at 6:38pm [1], so that sounds 
about right!


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