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> The lot.
AGREED. These are awesome photos, Kimon! 

I've used to get photos from Flickr to 
the Commons before. I'm going to do the same camera-to-Flickr-to-Commons 
workflow next week on a TON of photos, so if you'd like me to copy your images 
over, let me know -- but it's really straightforward, and I bet you'll be able 
to get it to work pretty quickly!

I created a category on the Commons to house our photos at -- I 
hope the category name is a good result of our long, long discussions on what 
to call these events without confusing people. I've added all three photos that 
Todd and (with some gadgety help from Sir Spencer's photos that 
they linked to. If any of you upload more images in the coming days, please add 
them to this category also! Again, let me know if I can help with this.

I've also added a small gallery on our event page at
 -- please feel free to add more images, adding captions, or making any other 
changes you like!

Thanks for all your uploads -- I'm looking forward to seeing more!

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