Meeting on the 26th of this month sounds like a great plan. I haven't gotten much together for the next Wikipedia Loves Libraries, so it would good to regroup soon and see what we might come up with.

On another note, someone decided to nominate my picture of the Cannabis Station sign for deletion, claiming it is a derivative work. I don't see how that picture is different from any other picture of store signs to be found on Commons. Please voice your support:


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On 10/13/2013 9:57 PM, Gaurav Vaidya wrote:
I like this idea! We could take some great photos of the Denver Public Library, the Boulder Public, or Norlin.

Relatedly, how does everybody feel about having our next meet up on Saturday, October 26? My friend Andy might be able to make it then!


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On a visit to ta friend's house, I saw that he has this new coffee-table book "The Library: A World History." It has beautiful photographs (interior and exterior shots) from all over the world of libraries from Roman times to the present (including plenty in Asia that were totally unfamiliar to me).

Immediately I thought that Wikipedia's photograph hunts (e.g. "Wiki Loves Monuments") could be combined with Wikipedia Loves Libraries to create a fabulous record of libraries in communities the world over, large and small.

Perhaps next year?

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