> Yeah. I would suggest aiming for a relatively small museum-linked event in
> the first or second week of December (i.e. before I leave on December 16)
> -- not too much new advertising, focus on people who've attended previous
> meetings, that sort of thing. Or we could have another meeting in the
> Boulder Library, but really go crazy with getting the word out so we get as
> many people as possible. What do you think?
I'd like to go for the museum one myself. Though I suspect a lot of the
reference material we can use for those library articles is probably in
those libraries. :) Much of it may not be online, from what I'm finding.
I'll try some searches through my local library's database here later.

If we do end up doing the museum one I can bring two. My wife has said
she's interested in going for that one as well.

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