WHO: Six Universities in the Rocky Mountain Region

Colorado State University

Montana State University

Washington State University

Metropolitan State College

University of California Riverside

Colorado Mesa University

WHAT: Are hosting edit-a-thons on WATER for Open Access Week



The point of this message: Experienced Wikipedians, please plan to attend, 
whether in person or online. There will be many a new user, from students to 
librarians to professors, who would very likely appreciate your guidance in 
citing, researching, formatting, et cetera. There’s free food if you attend 
in-person :-).

ALSO, admins and those who have the power: how can it be ensured that a large 
number of users will be able to register at the various locations during the 

FYI, the CSU event organizer/point of contact is Shea [User: Bibliophage01].

Respectfully submitted,
Q [User:Undead q]
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