Gaurav, anything further on this? I can make it to Boulder easily enough, I
work in Broomfield so it's a pretty short trip from there.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Gaurav Vaidya <> wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> Wikipedia is almost 15 years old — it was first turned on on January 15,
> 2001! Which means we ought to have a party. I’ll check with the CU Boulder
> Libraries to see if they’d be interested in helping us organise an event,
> but if not, the Boulder Public Library has pretty large rooms available for
> free.
> This is all fine for us Boulder folks, but if we’d rather pool our
> resources to have one big party down in Denver instead, we *could* ask the
> Denver Public Library whether they’d let us have one of their rooms for
> free ( Would anybody
> be interested in spearheading this? If not, I’ll start organising a
> Boulder-based event next week and we can take it from there!
> All other ideas and suggestions welcome!
> cheers,
> Gaurav
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