Hi everybody!

I’ve set up a user group page at 
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Community_User_Group_Colorado, which 
I think of as a first step to setting up an official "Wikimedia Community User 
Group Colorado”. I pretty much only need two more things to fill out the 
application form at 

  (1) An official description of the group: I’m going to go with the 
description at the top of the user group page, so please edit and improve it!
  (2) Three active Wikimedians as group leaders: please reply to the mailing 
list if you’re interested!

I’m happy to be a group leader during the setup phase, but it looks likely that 
I’m going to move out of Colorado this fall, so we’re going to need active 
leaders to keep the group going and to continue to organise events into the 
next year. You need to have at least 300 contributions on any Wikimedia project 
and have an account that’s older than six months old to be a group leader.

The main advantages of becoming an official user group are: (1) recognition by 
Wikimedia, so maybe increasing our profile with organization interested with 
working with Wikipedia in the area, (2) free Wikimedia merchandise for use in 
activities and outreach activities, and (3) one scholarship to attend the 
Wikimedia Conference in Berlin 
(https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_user_groups#why). I know Buaidh has 
been thinking about setting up an official organization for our area for a 
while now, and I think this might be the best way to go about it!

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