Hello all,

Last week ago I opened up sign ups for committees and so far only two other
people signed up for them. It is highly important that we have more users
joining these committees as it is highly important for the development of
the chapter as all discussions that will take place that will be
implemented in the stragetic plan. If you wish to sign up go to the
following link - https://nyc.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Home.

I am also looking into venues for the WikiBus to Wikimania 2012. If you are
interested in taking the bus please fill out this form -

Yesterday some of us had a "mini meetup" and I would say that it was
a success as we were able to all collaborate and discus wiki-related ideas
with each other. Because of the success of the mini meetup we should try to
have them more often, perhaps bimonthly? And they will not be
a supplement of the monthly meetups, just something additional.

And just a reminder, Wikipedia Day 2012 is on January 28th. It
will basically be a wiki conference and I feel that if you are on this
list, you will love it so sign up! More information is located at


Peter Coti
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