There will be a [[Raspberry Pi]] event at Alpha One Labs (a
hackerspace in Greenpoint) on Sunday, Sept. 23. It's free but there is
an eventbrite RSVP form. (see below)


http://www.alphaonelabs.com/raspberrypi-foundation-visits-alpha-one-labs/ says:
> The RaspberryPi Foundation is visiting Alpha One Labs September 23rd and
> giving talks and workshops about the RaspberryPi to both members and
> RaspberryPi users in the local community.
> In case you haven’t heard of them, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a
> charitable organisation founded with the aim of promoting the study of
> computer science and related topics, especially at school level. The
> Foundation is responsible for the design and sales of the popular RaspberryPi
> single board computer. You can find out more about the Foundation and the
> RaspberryPi here.
> The plan for the event consists of the following;
> Talk:
> RaspberryPi: Past, Present & Future – An introduction to the RaspberryPi,
> including an overview of its history and development, details on the
> technical specification and an outline of future developments with many cool
> tech demos along the way. Followed by a Q&A session.
> Tech Demos:
> A chance to demonstrate various OS’s, new revisions of the Pi and the latest
> add-on expansion hardware.
> Workshop:
> A Taste of RaspberryPi – A chance to play with the RaspberryPi hands-on.
> Show & Tell / Prizes:
> An opportunity to display RaspberryPi projects from the community with prizes
> for notable projects.
> The tour will be blogged/vlogged on the RaspberryPi website and will
> hopefully attract RaspberryPi enthusiasts and hackers/makers from across the
> areas we will be visiting, providing your hackspace with lots of worldwide
> publicity.

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