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There will be a tour of Consumer Reports for Wikipedians on Tuesday,
January 15, from 3-5pm. Consumer Reports is in Yonkers. If you plan to
attend then please confirm by signing up on the NYC meetup page at

I apologize to those who cannot make this time and there will be an
additional opportunity to visit after a few months. Feel free to share
this invitation with Wikipedians in the area and do not hesitate to
call or write if you want to know more.

My name is Lane Rasberry and I am the Wikipedian in Residence at
Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is a research facility, publisher,
and advocacy organization. Most of the organization's scientists and
engineers work in any of the 50 laboratories at the Yonkers
headquarters. Almost all of the publishing work happens here also. I
am writing to invite Wikipedians on a tour of this place and to ask
questions about Consumer Reports' interest in Wikipedia and what this
could mean for Wikipedians in the area and internationally.

Consumer Reports is best known as a product testing organization.
Staff here review dozens of every kind of household appliance,
household product, and consumer good. I cannot plan exactly what this
tour will include because different testing happens on different days,
but I would expect that we would visit about seven laboratories and
the engineers who manage them. Most things in laboratories can be
photographed. In addition to the tour the staff here is curious to
meet Wikipedians and would like to talk with any of you. I am curious
to hear if any of you have ideas on what to do on Wikipedia with the
information this place collects.

Here is the agenda:
2:30pm - anyone who arrives early will be received by me to talk.
3:15-4:30 pm - a tour which walks through several laboratories
4:30-5:15 - discussion with Consumer Reports staff. Perhaps you have
questions for them and they also have questions for you.
5:15pm-till whenever - leave Consumer Reports to go for coffee and
dinner somewhere

There is no easy public transportation within about a mile of here. At
3pm upon request from at least one person, there will be a shuttle
from the Hastings station on the Metro North Hudson Line to Consumer
Reports. Upon request, there can also be a shuttle back to the
Hastings station sometime after the tour ends. At 5:20, 5:50, and
6:20, there are shuttles from Consumer Reports to the 1 line on 242nd
Street in the Bronx.

Thanks for your attention and reply to this or write me with any questions.

Lane Rasberry

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