Hi everyone!

I was told that I should write to this list with questions about finding a
scholarship for funding to attend the Wikimedia Diversity conference.

I'm a PhD student at MIT and have been designing ways to use gender data to
crowdsource greater participation in expanding Wikipedia's coverage of
women. This early prototype <http://passingon.followbias.com>, for example,
uses data about women in 20 years of New York Times obituaries. Users can
read about those women and check to see if they're in Wikipedia. As readers
explore, their micro-actions are pooled into a dataset of resources that
can be used to create stub articles for notable people.

In the long term, it should be possible to connect with other data sources
in archives and newspapers in ways that bring new editors into Wikipedia.

Think of it as a precursor to a Wiki Loves Monuments for diversity. I have
applied to the conference in hopes that my work on data could support such
an initiative.

1. What's the process for getting funding?
2. Who should I try to team up with on this effort


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