Hi All,

I've just started a Wikimedia PEG Grant draft for a joint grant application
between Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia NE (the page is currently mostly just a
template, but it's a start).

The grant will detail a project first proposed in the WMF IdeaLab
the purpose of which is to establish a small scholarship program between
Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia NE so that members of these two groups and be
compensated for travel and room and board (if necessary) so that they can
attend regional wiki events without incurring financial burden.

I will be working with members of Wikimedia NE to complete this grant
application, and will seek review from the memberships of both WM NYC and
WM NE before the grant is submitted. That said, if anyone would like to be
apart of this grant writing process, please let me know and/or chime in

All the best,

Dorothy Howard

Dorothy Howard
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
212.228.2320 x127
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