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Here is the link to a grant in progress, which is being written by Marek
Zielinski and Łukasz Chełmiński of the Pilsudski Institute of America in
New York. They are hoping to do a project to make categorization and adding
metadata easier for GLAMs contributing content to Wikipedia.

I have not assisted with the drafting of this grant much at all, but just
met with them, and I understand that they will be adding a budget and
timeline, potential collaborators in WikiProjects, and WikiData, as well as
the GLAM-Wiki toolkit, etc. - describing roles and what they will do in
terms of documentation in more detail soon.

In the meantime, I just want to let you all know that it exists, since they
are in New York, and that they are seeking endorsement.


I've heard word from another Wikimedia NYC member, that he will be applying
for a grant as well.

We also have a draft of the inter chapter travel grant which Lane and I
will be working on tonight and tomorrow.
If anyone wants to help with this, please email us. We will no longer be
applying for the grant With Wikimedia NE as they are currently on a sort of
leave of absence.

That's all for now.

Thanks all,


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