Hi All,

I propose that we schedule a Wikimedia NYC Skillshare and Christmas party
at the Jefferson Market Library and/or somewhere with good Wifi, in the
coming weeks to get together as a group and also to discuss outstanding
Chapter engagements and big picture stuff. Do we have funds to spend on a
room, like we did last time, or does anyone have other ideas of venues with
good wifi that can host?

The meeting agenda could be as follows:

1. Introductions - What Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects have you been working
on or are interested in?

2. Skill Share and demos - does anyone have any projects they want to

3. Big picture items - what do we want out of the chapter and our
relationship with other Wikimedia groups, how do we communicate with each
other, do we want more social events, more edit-a-thons, how can we assist
other Wikipedia projects going on in local GLAMs/the community..

4. Outstanding chapter engagements - where are we on WikiConference USA2014
wrap-up / lessons learned

5. Future chapter engagements/ future WikiConferences

6. Wrap-up and other announcements/break-out groups

Then afterwards, we could plan to go out to a meal together nearby.

I'm thinking sometime in late November, or early December.

What do you all think?


Dorothy Howard

Dorothy Howard, Wikipedian-in-Residence and Open Data Fellow
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
212.228.2320 x127
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