Hello everyone and a Happy New Year from Greece as well:-)

Very interesting message! I am surprised to learn that Indic Wikipedias are 
lacking in content...

I have copied this message to the Computer Science Teachers Association Board 
of Directors, of which I am a member (Aman and Sheena, hope you find this 
interesting!) The Board is well aware of my passion for using Wikimedia in 
education, in fact I wrote a blog post about it on the CTSA's blog:


May I add that Wiktionary is an excellent way to introduce students to 
Wikimedia projects, as it is less demanding than a proper Wikipedia article. 
Also, admins and users welcome the contribution of words in local dialects: 
this was the subject of a project we've nearly completed at school. We added 
around 30 words of the local dialect of our island to Greek Wiktionary, and it 
was a rewarding experience, as the students worked excellently with senior 
citizens to register words that risk becoming obsolete as the younger 
generation no longer uses them. Extra bonus: It gave the senior citizens a 
sense of pride and accomplishment... Perhaps that could work with Indic 
Wiktionaries as well!

Mina (Saintfevrier)
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  Happy New Year everyone! :)

  We are planning Indic Language Wikipedia workshops in U.S.
  Please go through Project Link :


  Project idea
  What is the problem you're trying to solve?
  Indic languages represent a large portion of languages used worldwide. The 
number of contributors for Indic languages has been lagging other language 
families for a variety of reasons. Internet connectivity in India being 
limited/expensive is a major reason among them. Indic wikiprojects have beens 
working to encourage more contributors for Indic Languages.

  There are a number of areas on Indic wikipedias where content is either 
lacking or is of poor quality. Health-related content is a prime example of 

  Potential for solution
  There is a strong and diverse Indian diaspora in the United States. Eastern 
Seaboard has a large number of Indian expats that have either settled there or 
live there for work/business. This was evidenced by the 20,000+ people 
attending a speech in Hindi by the Prime Minister of India at Madison Square 
Garden, New York.

  In general, the Indian origin community in the United States has very high 
literacy rates. They are also well-versed in English as well as at least one of 
Indic languages. Access to Internet is not an issue for this demographic. 
Enthusiasm for advancement of Indic languages is also evident by the many 
initiatives being pursued by this group.

  What is your solution?

    1.. Dedicated workshops for Indian Languages in United States of America.
    2.. Informal User Group to conduct periodic meetings/offline events.
    3.. Collaboration with local chapters and editors to improve Offline 
Wikipedia in Indian Languages.
    4.. Special content (health related articles/essential medicines info etc) 
on Indic Wikipedia can be improved by specialized dedicated group of Indian 
medical students in U.S.
    5.. Collaboration with (U.S based) like minded individuals and 
organizations dedicated to improve Open Knowledge movement in India.
  Pilot Project
  Outreach events in

    a.. New York,
    b.. Washington D.C,
    c.. Boston

    d.. Colorado Springs
      a.. A session here will serve as an aide to developing and/or fine-tuning 
presentations and sequence of activities.
    a.. San Diego.
    a.. Reach out to more Indians to increase their understanding of how Indic 
Language Wikimedia projects work, and enable them to pass this knowledge on to 
    b.. Improving and building upon contributions to Wikimedia projects in 
English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Commons etc.
    c.. Increasing visibility, reach and access to Wikimedia projects amongst 
Indian Americans, especially in students.
    d.. Sign up students interested in our various activities & any other 
training workshops planned.
    e.. Conduct outreach sessions in universities, student fests, fairs etc.
  Other benefits
    a.. A strong, diverse and engaged students community.
    b.. Growth in editorship and readership from U.S.

  ​We look forward to hear from you. Kindly share your views here -

  Keep Supporting, Keep Inspiring :-)


  ​Warm Regards,

  Abhishek Suryawanshi




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