People on this list might be interested in submitting a talk or proposal
to the call for submissions of this upcoming conference in Brooklyn:

Radical/Networks October 24-25, 2015
NYU Poly, Brooklyn, NY

>From mass surveillance to the over-commercialization of the Internet, the
technology that we depend upon for community and connection is being
compromised. The recent accessibility of networking technology through
devices such as the Raspberry Pi and software such as BATMAN Adv has made
it affordable and possible for everyday citizens to learn how to design
their own web servers and networks.

   - To understand how the technology can be used as a method of control
   and how to subvert that.
   - Teach people how to use networking technology for themselves.
   - Encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks.


   - Promoting free and open networks built with free and open hardware and
   - Decentralizing the control of where networks exist and what and whom
   are served by them.
   - Maintaining control of our own content, hardware, and means of
   - Community and free expression first.


We are seeking speakers, panel proposals, demos, and workshop leaders who
would like to teach or present their ideas on computer networks. Some
possible topics include:

   - offline networks
   - mesh networks
   - local networks for community
   - experimental application of computer networks
   - networks for political activism
   - network security for ordinary citizens
   - artistic use of computer networks
   - personal networks
   - bringing connectivity to rural areas
   - experimental social networks
   - control and ownership of networks
   - ethical hacking
   - ... and anything else that takes a fresh or critical look at how
   networks are used!

Submissions are *due by August 15, 2015 at 11:59p, in whatever timezone
you're in*. To submit your talk, panel, demo, or workshop, follow the
instructions below for adding your proposal to our github repository.
Accepted proposals will be *notified by August 20th, 2015.*

The call for participation is open to all! We encourage women, people of
color, LGBTQIA, and differently-abled folks to apply!

Dorothy Howard
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