TED is seeking to hire two part time Wikipedians in Residence, with one of
those working in New York City.

This was just announced yesterday. I have no further information. This
announcement was not expected and I am not aware of anyone in New York
having been involved in organizing this.


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Dear GLAMers,

I'm very pleased to report that TED would like to collaborate with our
community and are now looking for *2* WiR to work for them (paid positions)
part time (about 20 hours per week), for a  6-months pilot project. One WiR
should be from New York, and will be working from their Soho offices; the
other can be from anywhere in the world and will work remotely.

In my capacity as a volunteer, I will be helping TED kick-start this pilot
by assisting them find candidates for the 2 positions. As soon as they are
chosen, the WiR will take leadership of the pilot from there.

Below is a general job description. The idea is that the chosen WiR will
work together with the TED team to finalize the project scope, goals,
measures of success etc.

*CV submission deadline is November 28th, 2015*. Please email me personally
off-list and state in the subject line "Applying for TED WiR position".

Please note -- as of now, this offer has only been sent out to our closed
mailing list, so for now, please keep it within this group.

I'll be happy to answer any further questions about this and am looking
forward to seeing this project come to life! :)



TED <http://ted.com/> -- the world renowned conference and non-profit media
company whose mission is "ideas worth spreading" -- seeks 2 Wikipedians in
Residence for January-June 2016.   The Wikipedians in Residence will work
to strengthen the relationship between TED and the Wikipedian community,
through clear project objectives and scope, including defining milestones
and measures of success.

Candidates should be able to commit 20 hours per week; one in our Soho
office, New York, and one working remotely outside the United States. Both
will report to Deron Triff, Director of Global Distribution and Licensing.

   - Setting up and maintaining a project page on En-Wiki / outreach wiki
   - Setting up a project logo and relevant templates
   - Create a list of articles for links to be added to and written
    related to TED speakers and topics where TED Talks provide an important
   resource of information.
   - Engage the community in adding the links and writing these articles
   - Engage other language wikis to translate the project page and take
   part in the project
   - Communicate with tech experts in the Wikipedia community to explore
   the option of an automated or semi-automated bot to assist with links
   - Prepare progress reports every 2 months for the "This Month in GLAM"
   magazine and represent the project in other relevant conferences
   - Recommend possible project events across the Wikipedia movement
   - Make sure content is covered in WikiData
   - Facilitate a special wiki-workshop for TED employees, to engage staff
   with the project, to be part of the process, better understand how the
   Wikipedia community works, know what to expect and how they can assist.
   - Collaborate with TED volunteer communities such as TEDx and the TED
   Open Translation Project
   - A deep interest in TED's mission and knowledge about TED Talks is
   strongly preferred

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