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Hello everyone,

*This is a reminder that there are 2 days left to apply to attend the first
Program Evaluation & Design Workshop, which will take place in Budapest,
June 22-23. Applications close at 12 AM PST May 17.*

Please review this recent blog announcing the event:


*Wikimedia community members, chapter staff/volunteers, solitary volunteers
- anyone who is a program leader is encouraged to apply. Please note, we
have only 20 slots available and limited funding to support attendees. If
you do apply, you must email me at sa...@wikimedia.org if you are
requesting funding before/after you apply. *

We will be filming our workshop, so don't fret if you cannot attend this
first one, or aren't accepted to attend this time.

*You can get a better taste for the event through our evolving Meta Event
page: *


Thank you Wikimedia Magyarország for your support and assistance.


*Sarah Stierch**
Wikimedia Foundation Program Evaluation & Design Community Coordinator
and keep it free!

Visit me on Wikipedia <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:SarahStierch>!
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