Come one, come all!

Our next meeting for Wikimedia NYC is Sunday September 13 at Columbia

This is a meeting for volunteers to the projects of the non-profit
Wikimedia Foundation, and everyone else too, who has ever looked at
Wikipedia and wondered what's going on behind it.

One big topic of discussion, out of many, will be preparing for our
'Wikis Takes Manhattan' photo scavenger hunt this fall.

Other topics will be recent experiences at the recent Wiki-Conference
New York and in cooperating with local groups in the metro area, a
roundtable on the yearlong Wikimedia Strategic Planning process, and
discussing issues relevant to Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia

We welcome all guests.  If you support open education and free
culture, we are your people.  If you have a project you want to work
on with us, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted. If you want
someone to give a talk or teach a class with an inside view of
Wikipedia, meet your volunteers.  And if you just have any questions,
we'd be glad to try to answer them.

Remember, the agenda here is up to you!  I encourage anyone who is
interested to sign up to give a presentation or suggest a topic for
general discussion at our wikimeetup page (given below).

---Meeting details---

2:30 PM - 5:00PM:
Room 1402 Pupin Hall, Columbia University. Take the elevator to the
13th floor and then walk up one flight of stairs. Meeting to be held
in the library at the east end of the hall.

5:00 PM onwards:
Meetup at Pupin Hall, and then walk together to The Symposium, a local
Greek restaurant with an oddly appropriate name.

Page on Wikipedia:

You can officially 'sign up' at that page, and please add your ideas
to the agenda!


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