Sun, 15 Nov 2009 11:12:22 -0500 David Goodman <>

> We need to try to set up a general calendar of some sort
> for related NYC activities to try to avoid conflicts like this,
> but there will be increasingly be so much going   that it
> will be sometimes unavoidable.
It ain't easy when New York is a summer festival that doesn't quit when
the leaves fall off.  Yesterday I had to forego a group bike ride to
Westchester, and most weekends there are photography shows, astronomy
meetings, history lectures or other events that force me to choose.  

NYC cycling interests hold a "bicycle summit" every February to minimize
schedule conflicts among events such as the [[Five Boro Bike Tour]] and
the hundred mile rides of [[Transportation Alternatives]].  Small or
weekday events such as this Thursday's ride to the Tibetan museum in
Staten Island, probably attracting only a dozen people, are not included.
 Perhaps a similar coordination among New York's non commercial Web
interests would be productive.  

Yesterday we heard from a new user of Commons, coming from a photography
background rather than a Wikipedia background, who is having trouble with
our admittedly arcane upload procedures.  Meanwhile my Wiki background
makes Commons easy; it's just that I seldom understand how to produce a
photo good enough to be worth giving away for free.  Darn it, we need
peple like that.  People like me can teach them our methods and hope to
get hints from their years of experience in the art of picture making. 
There ought to be a specialized meeting, preferably in an Internet cafe
or other place that can give good connections and the ability to show
each other how to handle things.  

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