Greetings to Wikipedians and Wikimedians, and especially to new
friends from the recent CUNY IT Conference,

I would like to invite folks to participate in our "Open Education
League of New York" list and umbrella group, something that emerged
out of Open Everything NYC conference earlier this year.

One of the initial ideas we had in the discussions at Open Everything
NYC was that as we saw so many people raise these topics at that
conference and as we form a real Open Education community in this
area, and there are quite a few folks coming at this goal from
disparate projects and areas of experience, it would be a good way of
connecting for us start regular conversations and perhaps to actually
meet up once a month or so.

There was some discussion of whether we should hold meetings
independently or perhaps piggyback on another group like the Drupal
meetup, and it is probably too early to say now what a permanent
solution would look like (and I hope we'll have some good suggestions

But this can also be an interesting forum for online conversations
about Open Education topics and local experiences ranging from the
creation of Open Educational Resources to medium-scale scanning
projects of old books and periodicals.


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