I wanted to also welcome the new people added from Wikipedia 10th
birthday sign-ups, and let you know too about our next shindig, so...

Hi Wikipedia-wannabes!

The 'Wiki Workshop for Newbies' will be Tuesday Feb 1, 7pm @ New Work
City (412 Broadway at Canal St) in Lower Manhattan.

Sign up here, and tell your friends:


This is our first-ever pure newbie outreach and teaching event open to everyone.

No previous wiki-knowledge required :)

NWCU is made possible by amazing supporters of independents and
innovation: Google & New Work City

About the Host: NWCU @ New Work City
This event is part of NWCU, community powered learning driven entirely
by member participation, NWCU is a curated collection of classes,
workshops, Meetup groups, and hackathons, all sharing one core common
goal: help existing and aspiring independents build, learn, and share
with one another, so more people can lead better, happier lives
working for themselves.

Founded in 2008, New Work City is a community coworking space in
Manhattan. We gather in a central space to work, collaborate, learn,
and socialize. Anyone with some work to do and a friendly disposition
is welcome!


Richard (User:Pharos)
Wikimedia NYC

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