Hi wiki-friends and wiki-newbies alike,

Our next Wikipedia NYC Meetup is *tomorrow* Saturday April 23 at Food
Gallery 32 @ 11 W 32nd St in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of
Koreatown, starting at 5 PM.

This will be a very special eating-and-schmoozing-only meetup, with no
fussy agenda or anything.

See details here for the April 23 meetup:


****And, that's not all!****

The 'Wiki Workshop for Newbies' will be the following Tuesday April
26, 7pm @ New Work City (412 Broadway at Canal St) in Lower Manhattan.

This is our first-ever series of pure newbie outreach and teaching
event open to everyone.

Sign up here for the April 26 'Newbie Wiki Workshop' at New Work City,
and tell your colleagues and friends:


NWCU is made possible by amazing supporters of independents and
innovation: Google, Blackberry & New Work City.

So, no excuses about being a shy newbie this time, for either the
meetup on the 23rd or the wiki-workshop on the 26th!


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