Hi Wiki-Yorkers,

You are invited to join a specially discounted train trip from New York
City to Montreal for the international Wikimania conference, departing on
Tuesday August 8.  There will be a return trip on Monday August 14.


The cost for travel is $30 each way, which does not include accommodation
or conference registration costs.  (Conference registration is ~$164 USD,
and accommodation ~$40 per night for cheaper options - if you want to book
at the Sheraton, do so by June 30.)

https://bit.ly/wiki-train <http://bit.ly/wiki-train>

The Wiki-train gets you to Montreal in time to participate in the two days
of pre-conference, as part of WikiConference North America, which is still
accepting submissions for presentations.

==Wiki-train trip==

It is a day-long train trip mostly through the beautiful Upstate New York
countryside (8:15 am - 7:11pm), and we can probably get exclusive car
seating for Wikimedians (this involves a US-Canada border crossing).

We are primarily coordinating the New York City → Montreal leg of the trip
on Tuesday August 8 as a group activity. We are planning discounted tickets
for the one-way trip, $30 instead of approximately $60. Other travel (and
accommodation) is on your own.

There is also an option to purchase tickets for a return trip from Montreal
→ New York City directly after Wikimania, on Monday August 14, for the same

==Join and present at the pre-con WikiConference North America==

The Wiki-train gets you to Montreal in time to participate in the two days
of pre-conference, as part of WikiConference North America.


We highly encourage you to submit a presentation for WikiConference North
America, sharing your Wikipedia/Wikimedia or related project:


If you'd like to volunteer for WikiConference North America, fill out this


==Conference registration and accommodations==

You will still have to register for Wikimania itself, which will cost $215
Canadian Dollars, which is currently ~$164 American Dollars.

The Wiki-train train gets you to Montreal in time to participate in the two
days of pre-conference, as part of WikiConference North America.

To have coverage for the two days of pre-conference included in your
ticket, follow these instructions:

   1. Go to wikimania2017.eventbrite.com
   2. Click on the green button that says REGISTER
   3. Click on ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODE in the top righthand corner of the
   box that pops up
   4. Enter in *wmcon2017 *and hit Apply Code. The price of Pre-Conference
   Day 1 will then be discounted 100%
   5. Select your conference tickets and hit CHECKOUT
   6. In the registration questions under PRE-CONFERENCE DAY 1 MEETING
   SELECTION (AUGUST 9), select *Wikicon North America*
   Followup Day at Wikimania*
   8. Complete the remaining registration questions.

Additionally, accommodation will be available in Montreal as part of the
regular Wikimania event the night of August 8 and after, for as low as

Inexpensive options include Concordia University dorms, or splitting a room
at the conference venue for up to four people, at the Le Centre Sheraton
Montreal (if you book at the Sheraton, do so by June 30):


==Important note for visitors==

The train trip involves a crossing of the US-Canada border (including a
passport check), and you will need permission to enter both countries.


Let me know if you have any questions about the train trip, Wikimania, or
presentations at WikiConference North America in the precon..

You can also write back to me **before Friday** if you are interested in
joint rooms at the Sheraton, and I will try to group people together.

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