Zack Exley and Barry Newstead join the Wikimedia Foundation executive 
management team
San Francisco, CA June 3, 2010 -- The Wikimedia Foundation today announced two 
important new hires. Barry Newstead will join as Chief Global Development 
Officer (CGDO), and Zack Exley will join as Chief Community Officer (CCO). Both 
are new positions, hired to fill out Wikimedia's senior team as it prepares to 
launch its new strategy, which calls for growing readership and new editors, 
particularly in the Global South.
As CGDO, Barry Newstead will be responsible for increasing readership and 
supporting editor self-organization in the Global South, for overseeing 
communications with the general public and the media, and activities aimed at 
supporting and developing chapters.
Newstead joins the Foundation from The Bridgespan Group, where he spent the 
past year helping the Wikimedia Foundation develop its five-year strategic 
plan. Previously, he worked with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for eight 
years and in 2004 he joined the Bridgespan Group, the nonprofit consulting 
organization created in partnership with Bain & Company. While at BCG, Newstead 
worked extensively in southeast Asia, greater China, South Korea and western 
Europe. At Bridgespan, he led work in education innovation and social 
technology, which mainly consisted of working with CEOs on strategy 
development, organizational development and leadership issues.
Newstead was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in Toronto, Canada. He 
has an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a 
master's degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government 
at Harvard University. Barry has been married to P. K. Lee for 12 years.
"It is an honor to be joining the Wikimedia Foundation," offered Newstead. "The 
Wikimedia movement has achieved unbelievable feats to date and I am excited to 
work with the community to help realize Wikimedia's vision: to reach every 
single human being."
"I am thrilled that Barry's agreed to join us," said Sue Gardner, executive 
director of the Wikimedia Foundation. "His extensive international experience 
and his background in organizational development will be hugely valuable as 
Wikimedia shifts its attention towards the Global South, and towards 
accelerating development of our international network of chapters."
As Chief Community Officer, Zack Exley will be responsible for developing the 
Wikimedia Foundation's relationships with key constituencies including readers, 
editors and donors.
"Zack will be a terrific addition to the Wikimedia Foundation," said Gardner. 
"He's spent his whole career helping people self-organize to achieve their 
goals, and he has a track record of helping mission-driven organizations run 
effective online fundraising campaigns. It's a very rare mix of skills, and I'm 
delighted we found him."
Exley brings to Wikimedia a wealth of experience in serving communities of 
online volunteers. He joins Wikimedia from the Chicago-based firm Thoughtworks 
where, as principal consultant, he oversaw strategy and technology projects for 
organizations like Obama For America, Rock the Vote, and Global Zero. Prior to 
that he served in senior campaign leadership roles with the UK Labor Party, 
John Kerry 2004, and With the Washington DC-based communications 
firm OMP, he has worked as a strategist and advisor helping many of the largest 
mission-driven organizations in the U.S. advance their fundraising and 
volunteer mobilization goals. He has also worked as a labor organizer and 
software developer.
Exley grew up in Connecticut and has also lived in Kenya, China and the United 
Kingdom. He has a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts.
"Wikimedia is the most incredible thing on the Internet: hundreds of thousands 
of individuals working collaboratively to produce a resource on which a 
significant portion of humanity relies -- overseen by an emergent, organic, 
voluntary community and funded by readers and editors," said Exley. "It's 
amazing and I'm ecstatic about this opportunity to be involved."

About the Wikimedia Foundation
The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization that operates 
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to comScore Media Metrix, Wikipedia 
and the other projects operated by the Wikimedia Foundation receive more than 
374 million unique visitors per month, making them the 5th most popular web 
property worldwide (April 2010). Available in more than 270 languages, 
Wikipedia contains more than 15 million articles contributed by a global 
volunteer community of more than 100,000 people. Based in San Francisco, 
California, the Wikimedia Foundation is an audited, 501(c)(3) charity that is 
funded primarily through donations and grants.

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