Hello Everyone,

Recently we've been having some internal conversations regarding transparency 
for our hiring, recruiting and contracting.  In efforts to be more proactive 
about sharing this information we're moving to a system of tweeting short 
bursts of announcements.  This will be done in a "bot" style voice not unlike 
the WMF tech feeds.  The idea is that we'll get the information out on new 
hires and new contractors and consultants working with us along with new job 
openings etc.  Basically the streams will recap the comings and goings in a 
short and sweet format.

I invite you all to see these data streams - 
http://identi.ca/wikimediaatwork/all or http://twitter.com/wikimediaatwork.  
Eventually we also hope to find more ways to use this feed for recruiting and 
reaching out to a larger candidate pool and audience.  There will also be times 
where we link the streams or feeds to longer and more detailed blog postings.


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