Hello all,

over the last few days, we've been releasing the videos mentioned in a
previous announcement through various social media. All four videos
are now published, and you can find a blog post with links here:


I'm personally very excited to have these videos: I think they'll be a
great outreach tool to help us grow the very special community of
volunteers who contribute to our projects. We can use them at
conferences, training events, in online tutorials, etc. I hope they'll
also help us break out of the perception of Wikipedia as simply a
useful product, and contribute to it being understood as a community
of shared passion and purpose quite unlike any other online community
of comparable scale.

We think these videos do speak for themselves beyond any specific use
that we'll have for them. If you agree, we appreciate your help in
sharing them through various channels available to you :-)

Subtitle transcriptions and translations are underway and will be made
available soon.

All best,
Erik Möller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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