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Today, we’re launching a new upload wizard in beta phase to make it easier to 
contribute multimedia works to Wikimedia Commons. “Commons” is the free, 
collaborative media repository associated with all Wikimedia projects, 
including Wikipedia. Although Commons contains over 7 million images, videos 
and sounds, uploading a file has long been an arduous path reserved to the most 
adventurous souls. The new upload wizard aims to make the uploading experience 
simpler and more pleasant for all users.

The new upload tool consists of a step-by-step wizard guiding the user through 
the successive stages of the process, rather than presenting a huge complicated 
form. It allows the user to upload multiple files at once, and grant permission 
for them in batch.

The wizard integrates our brand new illustrated licensing tutorial to help new 
participants understand the basics of copyright and free licenses. Since its 
publication, the tutorial has been translated and localized into about eighteen 
languages, and more are underway.

This new feature is one of the main outcomes of the Multimedia Usability 
project, a one-year project funded by the Ford Foundation, aiming to increase 
multimedia participation on Wikimedia websites. Although the grant is now 
officially over, the Wikimedia Foundation will fund subsequent development of 
the wizard to make it more robust and feature-rich.

We unveiled a prototype version of the wizard a few months ago, and we’ve got a 
lot of useful, constructive feedback from Commons testers. Since then, many 
bugs have been fixed, and the interface is much cleaner. The other main 
accomplishment has been the development of a private temporary holding area for 
files missing mandatory information.

The upload wizard is available in beta version as an additional uploading 
option. It’s far from perfect, and there are still bugs and missing features. 
But we do think it will provide a useful alternative to participants who want 
to use it and help us improve it.

The new wizard will eventually become the default uploading option on Commons, 
but it won’t replace the regular upload system until it provides a satisfying 
(and hopefully improved) coverage of the use cases currently supported by the 
“old” one.

You’re warmly invited to try the new system (you’ll need an account on Commons) 
and report issues you encounter with it. Please be sure to save your time by 
checking the Questions & Answers page and the list of open issues first.

If your issue hasn’t been reported yet, you can enter it directly in our 
tracker, or leave a note on the feedback page.

Since this concludes the Multimedia usability project, we’ll publish a full 
project report shortly for people interested in the details. In the meantime, 
you may be interested in two behind-the-scenes articles about the licensing 
tutorial: one by our illustrator, Michael Bartalos, and one by myself, focusing 
on the collaboration with the Wikimedia community.

Guillaume Paumier
Product Manager − Multimedia usability
Wikimedia Foundation
Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 609, @jansonw

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