Welcome to the first issue of Open Access, a revived Wikimedia UK newsletter 
reporting on the activities of the UK chapter, members and supporters and on 
all matters of interest to them. This month, we have a number of dates for your 
diary for events celebrating Wikipedia's 10th birthday; features on Yeonpyeong 
and Visual Arts on Wikipedia; and short summaries of the last Cambridge 
meet-up, a talk given to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and our 

Next month, we'll be doing a round-up of recent GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, 
Archives and Museums) activity - including the GLAM-WIKI conference that took 
place at the British Museum last November.

As a Chapter we want members to get involved as this is your newsletter. We 
want to learn about our members and what they are working on. We want to hear 
what you think, learn about your ideas on how to improve things for all, or 
otherwise listen to what you think about the topics covered here. You can leave 
general comments at the bottom of the wiki page, or send them to the editor 
(Charles Matthews, on edi...@wikimedia.org.uk).

Follow Wikimedia UK also on http://blog.wikimedia.org.uk , and for general 
discussion join the mailing list 
athttp://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimediauk-l .

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Mike Peel
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